SWC x Wahcfu Korea BBQ Set(3-4ppl)


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Out of stock

SWC x Wahcfu Korea BBQ Set(3-4ppl)
Korean-made CapStone Korean Universal Roasted Pork 40cm Baking Pan x1
American Black Beef Sealed Willow (Thick Cut) x300g
Japanese Miyazaki Pork Belly (thick cut) x300g
New Zealand hormone-free chicken fillet (thick cut) x300g

Product name: CapStone Korean All-purpose Roasted Pork 40cm Baking Pan made in Korea
Origin: South Korea

Size: 40x37x5cm
Net weight: 1.3kg
Material: Aluminum alloy, Teflon coating

Multi-compartment grill pan for barbecue, egg bake, Korean barbecue
The steel plate is thick and not easy to peel off the paint
Perfect oil drainage guide design
Non-stick pot material, fast heat conduction
Unique steamed egg/side dishes placement slot design
Outdoor camping barbecue is easy to carry
Ergonomic design


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